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RFID inlays are comprised of the IC chip,aluminum,copper or silver antenna and

substrate.If the inlays have adhesive backing,such as PVC,PET or paper,they are described as "wet inlay",otherwise,they are called"dry inlay".

RFID wet inlays are normally come from dry inlay as raw material,they are commonly used to make "RFID label".Wet inlays are low cost solution to high volume tagging of products that do not require printed information on the tag.

RFID Dry inlays are inlays that are attached IC and antenna to a material or substrate

commonly called a web. 

Sunrise have rich RF experience and strong ability of design and develop the antenna, however, if there is a particular wet or dry Inlay you are searching for,please contact us directly,we will do our best efforts to help you out.

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